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Welcome to suppliers of the largest variety of Sublimation Papers in the UK, part of the Neil Brothers Group, specialises in the growing market of Sublimation Paper. We are authorised distributors of TexPrint® Sublimation Paper, the world’s largest selling dye-sub paper. Made in the USA, Texprint ® Sublimation Paper has been specially engineered to complement all major brands of digital sublimation inks including: Sawgrass, Sensient, Manoukian, J-Teck and OEM brands.


We can now offer you the widest variety of sublimation paper, in the UK, to suit your exact requirements. From desktop A4/A3 sheets to roll sizes of up to 150” (3.81metres), we have the lot! All of this, backed up by the largest stocks of sublimation paper on Earth.


Our most popular sublimation paper



Our sublimation paper ranges

TexPrint XPHR
TexPrint XPHR®
for water based inks

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TexPrint R
TexPrint R®
For Ricoh Desktop Systems

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TexPrint TT
TexPrint TT®
Thermo Tack Adhesive

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Sublimation Paper
Other Sublimation Paper

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