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TexPrintGFS® is a new Grand Format dye-sub print paper, designed exclusively for use with solvent-based dye-sub inks.

GFS' unique high-solids coating chemistry produces sharp visual definition and strong colour saturation at significantly reduced ink levels.

Recommended for use with HP/Scitex XL 1500DS and Vutek Fusion printers. GFS' Advanced Coating Chemistry provides a unique print medium engineered solely for solvent sublimation ink and grand-format digital presses, a "Hi-Solids", super-uniform coated print surface, exclusive GFS coating chemistry, not a "cross-over" product, high fluid capacity.

GFS maintains sharp definition even at heaviest ink-loads, the densest blacks & richest, most saturated transferred colors, eliminates ink bleed-through, reduced ink consumption, absolute colour consistency, heavy bodied base sheet for ease of handling right though the calendar machine.
Reduces creases and welting caused by the heat-calendar. Compatible with HP Scitex XL1500DS, EFI Vutek Fusion, Keundo Supra Q, Hilord Solvent dye-sub inks.

Available in Large-Format rolls to 104" (2.65m) wide. Grand-Format rolls to 126" (3.2m) wide. Handling resistant 140 gsm weight.


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ProTex® Tissue

ProTex® Tissue is the #1 selling heat-calendar tissue worldwide.

A high gas barrier sheet with enhanced heat resistance, ProTex's formaldehyde-free chemistry prevents yellowing of white synthetics during heat calendaring.

Compatible with ALL dye-sub heat calendars.

ProTex is available, in 19 gsm through 25 gsm weights, and roll widths from 61cm (24") to 3.2m (130").


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TexBak Thermal-Adhesive Textile Backing Paper

TexBak is a textile backing paper designed to adhere to most fabrics for digital textile printing. TexBak has been used successfully in the textile industry for over 20 years by many major textile companies.
Made with bleached white base paper and coated with a proprietary copolymer, this product is designed to release easily from the fabric after it has been digitally printed . Laminate TexBak to your fabric by means of a rotary calendar heat press at low temperatures and high speeds.

This leading edge technology facilitates printing on fine and difficult to run fabrics while working well on all popular large format direct to textile printers.

Available in 145 gsm basis weights, in widths from 44" up to 72" with roll lengths 175 & 475 yds. Special basis weights & sizes are available upon request ( minimums apply).


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TexPrint GFW Sublimation Paper

TexPrintGFW® is a 150gsm digital sublimation paper compatible with the Mimaki JV5-320 printer and Printer Evolution's EVO printer. Designed to handle the newer high speed inks and piezo print head technology. The high release characteristics of this paper allows for superior colour density transfers while reducing ink loads.

The heavier paper runs exceptionally well through grand format calendar heat presses with less difficulty than competitive thinner brands of paper.

Our Protex Tissue is recommended when transferring to eliminate ink contamination on the Nomex belts all while assisting the fabric to remain stable, reduce stretch while in the heat press.

TexPrintGFW® is available in 60" – 64" and 126" in 400ft rolls. Special sizes available upon request


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TexStyles® Graphic Fabrics








Style Constr. yarn weight soft
banners module
flags backlit
Images Knit 100% Poly 8.5 oz/yd2 X X X   X    
Essentials Knit 100% Poly 6.6 oz/yd2 X X X   X    
Soft Knit Knit 100% Poly 5.2 oz/yd2 X X X X X X  
Stretch Knit 95%/5% Poly/Lycra 7.8 oz/yd2 X X   X      
Salute Knit 100% Poly 2.7 oz/yd2 X X       X  
Brilliance Woven 100% Poly 7.0 oz/yd2   X X   X   X
Impact Woven - Heavy 100% Poly 7.8 oz/yd2 X X X   X    
Mosaic Woven 100% Poly 5.8 oz/yd2 X X X   X X  
Radiant Knit - Coated 100% Poly 6.5 oz/yd2 X X X   X    
Blackout Knit 100% Poly 5.2 oz/yd2 100% Poly Knit FR dyed black for opacity


Future Product Development

* Prism Woven Backlit 100% Poly TBD X X X   X   X
* Blockout Woven 100% Poly TBD              
* Mirage Knit Sheer 100% Poly TBD X X       X  





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